WAIST ISSUE 03 by Anyone Girl

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After working closely with Yasmine to create imagery for the release of our latest jewellery series we thought it only fitting to continue Yasmine’s story throughout the studio bringing her beautifully considered publication to share with our customers.

WAIST considers the ideas surrounding the female mid-section, both inside and out, exploring sex, movement, digestion and a woman’s GUT INSTINCT.

A visual love letter to the female creative community surrounding anyonegirl.com, WAIST includes commissioned works by Ophelia Mikkelson, Kayten Schmidt, Shana Chandra, Greta van der Star, Zsuzsanna Toth, Lucia Zolea and Su Wu.

WAIST is anyonegirl.com’s print project created by Yasmine Ganley and designed by Natasha Mead.

Size: 265mm H x 200mm
Pages: 110pp
Interior: Black & White + Blue
Binding: Section Sewn, Linen Tape Spine