Lott Studio is a contemporary Melbourne jewellery label established by jeweller Kari Layton. For the last 8 years Kari has designed slow release sculptural jewellery collections, handmade in her Melbourne studio, using only local trade and closed cycle techniques. This slow made, considered design ethos is a key value of the studio and is in the team of passionate individuals who work with her and support her in her work. Her approach to designing involves meticulous attention to detail, combining sculptural aesthetic outcomes.


'When I design, I think of jewellery as complementary to the human form. My pieces mirror an impression of industrial elements, steeped in fluidity and movement; an interplaying dance between the masculine and feminine. My design process minimises the amount of components needed in order to maintain simplicity to the eye, yet each piece requires complexity on the bench in its refinement. I strive to design pieces that meld seamlessly into the wearer’s daily life'

- Kari Layton




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