Understated and timeless, Lott Studio jewellery is designed to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle. Each Lott Studio piece is handmade in Melbourne by designer and maker Kari Layton using precious metals and stones. 

Kari studied jewellery making at a small design collective while living in Berlin. During her time in Berlin she started selling to friends and small boutiques constantly improving her skills and broadening her design perspective. Since returning to Melbourne six years ago Kari has continued making, sharing spaces with other jewellers and in the last year opening a small shop/studio independently in Abbotsford, Victoria.

Lott Studio pieces are highly considered, each piece has its own intentional textures, hand-carved imperfections and individual finishes. Lott Studio jewellery plays between masculine and feminine and can be worn individually or juxtaposed in a more curated form.

Studio location and open times.