When I design, I think of jewellery as complementary to the human form. My pieces mirror an impression of industrial elements, steeped in fluidity and movement; an interplaying dance between the masculine and feminine. My design process minimises the amount of components needed in order to maintain simplicity to the eye, yet each piece requires complexity on the bench in its refinement. I strive to design pieces that meld seamlessly into the wearer’s daily life - Designer Kari Layton


Creating jewellery pieces to celebrate the most intimate ceremonies in life is something we love most. 
To start the process please fill out the form below. These questions help our small team get to know you better and best aid your enquiry. From here we can schedule an appointment, answer any questions and talk you through the specifics of the design process. and we look forward to meeting with you soon. 
Each piece is made by hand in our Melbourne studio.


There are many reasons for using different materials and we can walk you through this process. If you are unsure of the difference between metal colours and carats and the reasoning of choosing one over another, we can assist you in your appointment. We source all of our materials from local suppliers and our Gold and Silver is recycled. E.g. 14ct gold, 18ct gold, platinum 


Jewellery is very intimate, and becomes a unique part of your everyday. Please share anything more that will help us visualise the kind of piece you have in mind. We will be in touch soon! 

If you would like to share any images of previous designs from the studio or other creative references please email them through to