Lott Studio jewellery is made exclusively from fine metals, Sterling Silver and Gold. Each piece has been designed in keeping with the studios timeless aesthetic with an intention to last. Each piece is handmade with unique textures and finishes and should be handled with care. With proper care, your jewellery can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

To avoid tarnishing metals or harming any precious stones remove your jewellery when using detergents or chemicals, while exercising or applying makeup, when showering, and before bed.

To clean your pieces gently wash under warm water with a toothbrush and a mild detergent, rinse then dry with a soft cloth. We recommend storing jewellery in a clean and dry location.

Always be particularly cautious when handling delicate chain, pieces with pearls or stones. 



Avoid over touching the diamond directly, the oil and dirt you pass on from your fingers can cloud the diamond.
Store diamond pieces separately in tins provided.

Have your setting checked every 1 - 2 years to assess how it's wearing. It is easy for us to ensure settings are secure and assess the wear of your piece. Once a piece is damaged it is difficult to repair and can result in a re-build.