Work with the Studio



Lott Studio is a contemporary Melbourne jewellery label established by jeweller Kari Layton. For the last 8 years Kari has designed slow release sculptural jewellery collections, handmade in her Melbourne studio, using only local trade and closed cycle techniques. This slow made, considered design ethos is a key value of the studio and is in the team of passionate individuals who work with her and support her in her work. Her approach to designing involves meticulous attention to detail, combining sculptural aesthetic outcomes.

We are seeking out a conscientious and inspired creative individual to join the Lott Studio team as a Jeweller. Someone with a wealth of creative ability who applies their knowledge and craftsmanship into the work of jewellery, driven by their love for the craft.

As a Jeweller at Lott Studio, you value conscious collaboration and working within a creative team, striving to craft high-quality pieces through meticulous and methodical approaches. You'll be encouraged to propose  workflow improvements for pieces and demonstrate unwavering attention to detail in task execution.

The skills essential to our studio encompass expertise in wax work and modification, alongside forging and form work,  requiring a discerning eye capable of envisioning outcomes in sculptural forms. You'll also need a refined skill set for cleanup and solder work, along with some knowledge and experience in working with stones and settings. For the right candidate, we are happy to provide further training.

You'll be encouraged to foster a culture of openness to new ideas and concepts, enriching your workspace through intentional interactions. By demonstrating a deep passion for the craft of jewellery making and delivering creative solutions in jewellery construction, you'll deliver exceptional work that contributes to the studio's overall commercial success.


About You:

You will need to be confident and able to work solo or in close relation with other jewellers and team members. Enjoy working within a studio space and take pride in your work, actively engaging in studio processes and practices. Make recommendations and suggest variations to pieces and work processes if there are improvements to be made. Additionally, be able to share your knowledge in jewellery.

You feel aligned with our aesthetic. You have a minimum 5 years bench experience. 

You enjoy developing methodical processes to ensure the quality craftsmanship of beautiful pieces that form our collection.

Being organised and working to a schedule is one of your strengths.

Solving problems, being a wonderful communicator and team player is critical.

You are reliable, trustworthy and accountable. 

The requirement is for a minimum of four days a week and the position is located on site in Melbourne’s CBD. 

We are looking for a unique individual and will be willing to consider the individual requirements you need to be successful in this role. 


Role Includes:

~ Construction of collection pieces 

~ Customisation to collection pieces including both forged and wax work.

~ New piece documentation

~ Documentation and organisation of components including materials

~ Setting build and post setting clean-up 

~ Soldering of chain, earrings, bangles and rings.

~ Cleaning up or wax and non-wax work


If this role is of interest please send your CV to